I’m Almog 🔊, a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol. I do social psychology in domains of language, emotion, political psych, and other subfields I find interesting.

Currently, I’m working on making the internet a better place within the Reclaiming Individual Autonomy and Democratic Discourse Online (RAO) project.

I also have soft spots for cognitive work, linguistics and R. I like working with data, scrubbing it, twisting it, generating models and make predictions. I dislike beetroot, very much so.

Email: almog.simchon@bristol.ac.uk


Almog Simchon is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol and a member of its Technology Democracy and Cognition (TeDCog) group led by Stephan Lewandowsky. Almog completed his PhD at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in 2021.

As a computational social psychologist, Almog’s research examines how social media, social psychology, and language interact. His work addresses issues of political polarization, misinformation, and emotion. He studies these issues using a combination of experimental psychology, big data analyses, machine learning, and natural language processing.